*** WARNING ***

Recent events, including the 'Twitter Files' scandal (in which it was revealed that various actors - both governmental and private - had been requesting that Twitter remove inconvenient content) and the Alexandre de Moraes affair in Brazil (in which an unelected judge attempted to ban the presence of democratically elected representatives on social media), demonstrate that there is a crisis of attempted censorship under way.

At Grollige, we believe that the public needs to be protected from censorship. We have therefore adopted a new approach to comunications.

By contacting Grollige, you agree that any (or all) part of your communication, regardless of content, may be published by without redaction.
Your communication will constitute agreement. There will be no opportunity to subsequently withdraw agreement.

Think carefully whether you wish your communication to be published on the internet for all to see.

If you wish to proceed, you can email us at:
grollige (at) mailfence (dot) com