HOW TO USE GROLLIGE.COM doesn't currently have the level of resources enjoyed by the likes of Google, MicroSoft and DuckDuckGo.

This means that some advanced features which are common in other search engines cannot yet be used here. The ability to analyse complex word structures is the most obvious at the moment.

Here are some suggestions on how you might currently get better search results on Grollige:

Question formats:
  • 'why are we at war in Ukraine' is less likely to get good results than 'Ukraine war'.
  • 'why did the FBI raid Trump's house' will return fewer results than 'Mar-a-lago raid'.
  • 'who killed Seth Rich?' would be better phrased as 'Seth Rich'.
  • 'why did the legacy media ignore the Hunter Biden laptop story?' is better put as 'Hunter Biden laptop'.
  • 'should we abolish the FBI?' will get more results with 'FBI' or 'Abolish FBI'.
  • 'Petro Dollar System' will get more results with 'Petro Dollar'.

  • Also, Grollige doesn't yet support 'AND', 'OR', 'SITE:' or other features.

The reason for these current shortcomings is lack of available people to work on synonyms.

The simple and easy way to approach this problem would be to just automate a Thesaurus. The problem with that approach is that a search engine needs to be able to understand what you are actually asking and this is much more complicated.
Just replacing individual words with individual synonyms would be a great solution for computers, but no so good for people.

Web pages are written by people, not computers. Web searches are conducted by people, not computers.

In future, if enough people decide to support Grollige financially (hint!) then this problem can be overcome. All things are possible, they just require resources.